QUESTION: What type of pellets are better ... hardwood or softwood?

Answer: Pellets can be considered "top quality" regardless of being made from hardwood or softwood. The main factor that impacts the quality of wood pellets is the ash content ... the less ash, the better. In general, hardwood logs are drier than softwood logs, and the low moisture content results in a cleaner, hotter burn. However, the pelletizing process takes away many of these differences. In addition, the cellulose found in both types of cord wood has the same heating value. However, the resin content in softwood is higher than that found in hardwood, so softwood pellets tend to burn slightly hotter and faster. Wood pellets are about 8000 BTUs per pound at 6% moisture.

QUESTION: What would cause ash to build up in my pellet stove?

Answer: : If your stove is not burning efficiently, it may lead to excessive ash buildup. Dirty stoves are the main reason behind an inefficient burn. We recommend having your stove professionally cleaned each year. Outdoor temperature can affect ash volume, as well. On colder days, you will burn more pellets, resulting in more ash.

QUESTION: What is the shelf life of wood pellets?

Answer: Pellets can be stored indefinitely if they are stored properly. Most bagged pellets are stored improperly at some point during their distribution process. Moisture, and the sun's ultraviolet light (UVI), are the main contributors to damaged pellets. The bags in which pellets are shipped do not have any UVI protection, and are definitely not totally moisture-resistant. Damage can also result from long-distance shipping. Pellets purchased from Heutz Premium Pellets came fresh and direct from the mill, and were delivered into our moisture-free and UVI protected storage silos. Likewise, for home storage, Heutz recommends the purchase of a 3-ton+ storage container ... which is moisture resistant and intended for inside storage. Through this process, you are assured of receiving the highest quality pellets.

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