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   If you own a pellet stove, and are tired of transporting and handling 40 lb. bags, we have a pellet storage solution for you… Our new 3± ton Pellet Hut. Enjoy the convenience of having your wood pellet fuel delivered in bulk right to your home. You will never again have to handle another 40 pound bag of pellets, or dispose of the plastic bags! When Heutz/Q-Team delivers your pellets, you will be charged for the delivery by certified weight. Pellets are available year round, at competitive prices. From now on ... store your pellets without the disposable bags!

Never Handle Heavy bags of Pellets Again!!


Click here for more info on our new Pellet Hut bulk pellet storage unit

   If you are in the market for either a pellet stove or an automated wood pellet boiler or furnace, please contact us and we will make a recommendation from our list of Endorsed Local Providers.

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