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It has become increasingly evident that our dependence on foreign oil is unhealthy for us in many ways. The volatility in oil prices puts our homes and businesses at high risk, as it makes it virtually impossible to plan for heating and transportation costs. In the past few years, residential heating oil has varied by more than $3.00/gallon, with the peak cost occurring in July, 2008. This fluctuation pattern makes it quite clear that U.S. consumption of fossil fuels is no longer the driving factor in the pricing. As consumers, we have no control over the cost of a commodity which has become central to our well-being. Our strong dependence on oil, coupled with our lack of control over its price, is troubling.

There are many ways we can reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Maine spends over a billion dollars a year on home heating oil. The vast majority of that money goes to benefit foreign nations that don’t even like us. Changing the fuel we use to heat our homes is one way we can break the cycle and begin to reduce our personal dependence on foreign oil. Heating with wood pellets allows us to keep our energy dollars in the local economy. This is HUGE!

Within the next few years, it is likely that over a million tons of premium wood pellets will be produced in the northeastern U.S. and neighboring Canada. Here in Maine, we are assured of a lasting, robust fuel production industry and favorable prices ... as numerous, large-capacity mills compete to sell their pellets. Perhaps more significant ... for every dollar spent on oil, about 85% leaves the region. For every dollar spent on pellet fuel, about 90% stays in the region. Again, this is Huge!

If the past few years are an indication, in the long term, pellet heat costs equal to, or less than oil. A ton of pellets has the heat energy of 120 gallons of oil. Depending upon the size of a home’s storage bin, bulk deliveries can provide fuel for extended periods. An ordinary home basement can generally accommodate a bin that will hold 4 or 5 tons of pellets. 4.5 tons of storage would have the heat equivalent of two 275 gallon tanks of #2 heating oil.

Heutz Premium Pellets delivers pellets in bulk to homes and businesses located throughout Central and Southern Maine. Pellets are delivered pneumatically from our truck into customers' storage bins, at a price very similar to bagged pellets, but without the hassle of the 40-pound bags!

Favorable prices are not the only reason to heat with pellet fuel. Heating with pellets is nearly carbon-neutral ... which is environmentally friendly, and is also a renewable energy source. Pellet fuel is also produced locally; it helps the local economy by keeping our home heating dollars in the state economy, and by creating jobs. And, with modern pellet-burning appliances and bulk delivery, it can be just as convenient as burning fossil fuels.

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